Turn every home into a place where a child can learn, develop, and thrive.

We are /dost/: a friend who has supported parents in unlocking their children’s potential since 2017.

Working Together

Our volunteers are critical in achieving our vision where every child is school ready.

Reach More Families.

We recognize that improving children's lives can only happen through partnerships.

Every Child School Ready.

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families have received Dost's early childhood development programs.

3 out of 4

parents report adopting play-based learning activities

55% +

of parents are highly engaged in Dost’s program, as compared to other online courses with 7% average completion rate.

every child school ready

“I have learnt the importance of setting routines with my children. Now we have home routines for food, studies and TV. I used to pin the blame of excessive screen time on my children. But as a parent, I now know that it is my responsibility to ensure that screen time is regulated.”

- Tara, parent from Delhi

We reach families who are ready to kickstart their children's education.

3 in 10 are fathers

caregiving is normally understood as a mother's duty, but Dost is trying to inculcate responsive caregiving behavior for both mothers and fathers equally.

less than $1500 annual income

Dost parents are “aspirers” who come from low and pre-middle income households. They are the farmers, laborers, drivers, and other small business owners.

60% users have smartphones

Parents are already on their phones. Dost has witnessed the incredible rise of mobile use amongst even the lowest-income households.

less than a 10th grade education level

55% of Dost parents have less than a 10th grade level of education. However, these same parents have college-level aspirations for their children.

“Through Dost, I have learnt things about my child that I didn’t know before. I also love how I can access Dost calls at a time of my convenience. Whenever I get a chance, I tell other people about this program.”

- Seema, parent from Delhi

We reach families who are ready to kickstart their children's education.

81% feel play is important

81% caregivers in the post-study (vs. 40% in pre) agreed that young children need parents to actively engage them through ‘talk, touch, and play'

89% feel less stressed

89% caregivers who got the program felt less stressed about their responsibilities as caregivers (vs 74% in control)

91% feel more confident

91% caregivers who got the program felt more confident in managing the child at home (vs 77% in control)

94% feel more knowledgeable

94% caregivers felt they have more knowledge about responsive caregiving and needs of their child after listening to the program (vs 77% in control)